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FIRST QUALITY FROM PIA INTERNATIONAL. 100% BRAND NEW. 9mm GUN SHAPE ABS BODY CIGARETTE LIGHTER WITH STAND. Having a high-grade and high-quality cigarette lighter is the first smokers should take into consideration Designed for convenience, this classic shaped refillable cigarette lighter is long lasting and sharp flamed. THIS IS NOT A USB LIGHTER.. It is best suited for those who like to have a surprise element in their accessories. The lighter is very durable and easy to use, a perfect gift for your best friend. Can be refilled at ANY local cigarette vendor / betel shop. It is a windproof lighter. Note : Due to shipping restrictions, there may be NO FUEL in the lighter. Please get it filled from a local shop. Superb Quality Refillable Cigarette Lighter material to ensure it's durability Runs on Butane Gas, easily available. Perfect gift for your love ones. NOTE: THIS LIGHTER COMES WITHOUT ANY GIFT OR BOX PACKING. Strong Metal Body It is more a decoration or collection than a lighter Help show your noble quality and notable social position Ø Keep to reach out of Children, it is not a toy. ? PIA INTERNATIONAL is a REGISTERED TradeMark and other sellers using the name are doing it illegally and are liable to be prosecuted under section 104 of the Trade-Mark Act of Infringement. Order only from PIA INTERNATIONAL Store. Please beware of Cheap fake unbranded inferior and low quality product sold by other sellers..? I request to kindly visit my store for other items also.

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